An Hour To Go…

Hi, all!

It’s one hour until the beginning of the Super Challenge and I’ve finally set up my blog and am ready to go. Well, more or less.

I don’t have any Chinese books as such yet, but since I can’t read any of them, it’s not so much of a problem. I’m going to look for children’s books and manga online (if I can find anything in simplified characters!), but mainly I’m going to start off with films and TV shows.

German is much easier; I’ve been reading Harry Potter und der Stein der Weisen for absolutely AGES and I have all the other Harry Potter books, so there’s those to go through yet. Plus, I have a bunch of German films (I’m particularly looking forward to the dubbed version of the Lion King that I have; I looove Disney), so that part of the challenge hopefully won’t be too bad.

Well, here’s to hoping, anyway!

Good luck to all the other Super Challengers – both those who have already started and those who have yet to. It’s going to be great! 😀


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