Update: day 12

Ah, my first update. I’ve been negligent of reading since the challenge began because I’ve had twelve days of revision and exams and other fun things that come with the end of the academic year. Still, my very last exam is next Wednesday — and it’s German language, which means lots of reading! I’ve got approximately 60 pages left of Harry Potter und der Stein der Weisen and I am going to finish it. I’ve been reading this book for about a year now, just picking at it when I feel like it. So, that’s happening.

In other news, I’ve updated my films page: I watched Der König der Löwen (The Lion King), I think on the first day – though I accidentally registered it incorrectly on twitter (it was 80 minutes but I didn’t realise tweeting #film automatically registered something as 90 -_-), so my next film will be minus ten minutes when I get around to watching it.

For Chinese, I’ve been making my way steadily through the TV series 《宫-鎖心玉》, a series that I’ve seen before but love. I’ve been watching it whilst doing revision, which means I haven’t been intensely focused on it, but it also means that I’ve not been reading the subtitles the whole time. I’ve been surprised by how many of the simpler sentences I could pick up just through that, things like “真的吗?”. The fact that it’s a historical drama is not entirely helpful, though, since one of the sentences I’ve picked up is “奴婢该死!” – which is more or less, “Your servant deserves to die!” Not entirely sure that will come in useful, haha ;).

I’m going to write up a mini review of Der König der Löwen at some point in the next week (I figure everyone knows the story…) and then some information about 《宫-鎖心玉》when I finish that, too. Now, time to read some more Harry Potter…


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