Update: day 34

Well, May is over and here are my stats:

Books: 0
Films: 10
Writing: 1

Books: 2
Films: 2

I’m not doing too badly on the films part of the challenge so far; I’m ahead for Mandarin and just below target on German. It’s not a worry even if I get too far behind because it’s not as if films take that long to watch, so I know I’ll be able to catch up.

For books, I’m doing alright for German – I’m still about halfway through Harry Potter und die Kammer des Schreckens, but I’m hoping to complete it in the next week or so. I’m still working on the first children’s book for Mandarin – even when I finish it, it’s only going to be worth about five pages! D: Still, I need to work on basic vocabulary and it is helping me to do that…

I’ve still only written one piece so far in Mandarin (should be at five), but like with the films, I’m sure I’ll catch up. I’m halfway through a second piece, so I’ll try and finish that soon.

My main worry right now is that I haven’t read enough Mandarin books and I’m seeing very little improvement in that respect. I need to make sure I’m still learning – I have to finish the textbook I’ve been studying at Uni this year and use memrise to learn more characters. Hopefully, that will help me to be able to read books faster than I otherwise might have.

Onto June, then… Let’s hope I get a bit more done than I did in May! 😉


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