[Writing] 《超级挑战》

Here is my first piece of Mandarin writing for the Super Challenge, with all its corrections from lang-8. The Mandarin is at the top, but there’s also a translation underneath :).


我很喜欢学习语言。我在大学学习汉语和德语,也自修葡萄牙语。有一个东西叫《超级挑战》。我得看读一百本书,看一百部电影,也写一百篇正文。我现在正在看一本叫《吹牛大战》的书。这本书是小孩子看的书,可是我觉得有点儿难。故事内容很有意思,可是我看得非常慢。我也在看一部叫《宫-琐心玉》的电视剧。我很喜欢这部电视剧。我学了一句有意思的短语:“奴婢该死”,可是我觉得不太实用。每篇正文得有两百字。因为我学习汉语才二年,所以这有一点儿难。我不知道我是否会完成这个挑战,可是我会尽最大努力! (235字)

Super Challenge.

I really like learning languages. I study Mandarin and German at university, and teach myself Portuguese. There’s this thing called the ‘Super Challenge’.  I have to read a hundred books, watch a hundred films and write a hundred articles. I’m currently reading a book called The Big Boasting Battle. This is a children’s book, but I find it a bit difficult. The story is very interesting, but I read really slowly. I’m also watching a TV show called Palace (or, Jade Palace Lock Heart). I really like this show. I learnt an interesting phrase: “Your servant should die,” but I don’t think it is very practical. Every article should have two hundred characters. I find it a bit difficult, because I’ve only been studying Mandarin for two years. I don’t know if I’ll complete this challenge or not, but I’ll try my best!


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