6 Week Challenge – February 2014 Halfway Point

Hi, all! I’ve been a bit hit-and-miss with the posting recently; mostly because even though it’s the beginning of my second semester, I’m still super busy. The joys of final year, and all that…

Today’s post is just me chatting a little about how the last three weeks have gone with me learning Spanish. I’ve certainly seen some progress.

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Various – 北京欢迎你

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Resources for Learning Spanish

So this post was totally supposed to be up on Wednesday, but then I had things due in at uni and I completely forgot about it! I only remembered today, oops!

Still, it’s a short one. Because I’ve chosen Spanish as my target language for the 6 Week Challenge, I’m just going to share with you all some of the resources I’ve been using. Hopefully you’ll find them as useful as I do!

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Media Monday: The Hunger Games

Media Monday is a feature I post every two weeks where I discuss an interesting word or phrase (or sentence or paragraph) from what I’ve been reading or watching.

First things first: I’ve finally finished reading Harry Potter und der Feuerkelch! *cue applause*

I’ve now moved onto reading The Hunger Games – in both German and Spanish. It’s working really well for me because I can use the German to make sense of the Spanish (which I’m miles behind with, but not finding to be a total mystery) and since the book isn’t too long I’m kind of ploughing through it. My phrase today is one that most people have probably read.

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吳建豪 (feat. Ryan Tedder) – Is This All

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