Die Bestimmung: Kapitel 1-3

If you’re not sure what’s going on in this post, read the introduction here. If you want the vocabulary I’ve collected from the book, you can go through it on memrise here. Otherwise, enjoy!

Oooooookay. Hallo, Leute! So, wie ich schon sagte, habe ich schon zweimal dieses Buch gelesen – einmal auf Englisch und einmal auf Deutsch. Meine Eindrücke könnten daher ein bisschen anders scheinen, weil ich die ganze Trilogie schon auf Englisch gelesen habe, aber ich kann nicht alles gut erinnern. Seid ihr alle bereit für ungefähr 700 Wörter von meiner Meinungen? Vielleicht nicht. 😉 Continue reading “Die Bestimmung: Kapitel 1-3”

German Read-along!

Alright, so when I posted on Monday I said that I’d be back later this week to announce something else I’ve been planning to do for a little while.

Basically, what I have in mind is a mash-up of what Lindsay at lindsaydoeslanguages is doing with her Spanish posts and what Mark at markreads does all the time – which is, that I am going to take a book (in German) and read it and write (in German) about that book. It’s not really going to be a book review so much as a chapter-by-chapter analysis of my thoughts and feelings about the story, characters, etc. and probably some language related stuff too.

I know not everyone is learning German (and these posts are going to be pretty regular so that we can get through the book), but if you are and you feel like joining in, then do so. Plus, the first book I’ve picked is originally in English, so if you’ve read it in English, just google translate my posts and comment on them in English – I don’t mind! This is about me practicing, but it’s also about enjoying a book and getting back into reading regularly.

Now, as this first one is kind of a trial run (to see if I can keep it up and to see if anyone is interested), I’ve picked the book already. It’s going to be Die Bestimmung (or, in English, Divergent) by Veronica Roth. I have also read the book already (in fact, I read the whole trilogy in English in September), but I’m still really excited to talk about it with other people.


Also, the book is entirely first-person present tense (like The Hunger Games), so the language isn’t too bad – but I’m also creating a memrise course with all the words I look up that you can use if you want to.

So, how is this going to go?

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I’m going to put up a post about three chapters of the book. I’ve chosen three chapters because there are thirty-nine chapters in total, so chapter-by-chapter would take forever, and also because the chapters themselves are not that long. (For a frame of reference: the paperback version of the book is 480 pages long, which equals out to about 12 pages per chapter – not too long!) I’m going to do my best to not give away anything that happens later in the book, but there will definitely be massive spoilers for what I have already read. Therefore, if you are planning on reading this book at some point and you don’t want to know what’s happening, don’t read the posts (I’ll put the main body under a read more tag, so you can’t stumble onto spoilers on the main page). If you are reading the book along with me, or you’ve read it already and you’re reading, or you just have opinions about it, then let me know! 🙂 It’s going to be a boring few weeks if I’m just talking to myself. 😉

And if you have any book suggestions for me in the future, let me know those too! Looking at the schedule, this should run until the end of March – then April is the A to Z Challenge, so I won’t be reading then – so I’ll be looking for a book for May. I could move onto the second Divergent book, but I am also amenable to any and all suggestions.

So, leave a comment if you’re planning on joining me – or if you’ve already read the book, or if you’re just going to maybe drop by and read these posts. I’m looking forward to this! 😀

Happy (end of) February!

I’ve been meaning to get this post up for a while.

Basically, January was a weird month for me, studying-wise. None of my weekends were free (by choice), so that meant I had to try and hit all my goals in the week – which I am notoriously, terribly lazy about. I made a lot of statements here about what I would and wouldn’t do. Some worked, some didn’t.

Here’s what I learnt:

  • Taking on however many challenges I tried to take on for January didn’t really work. I don’t think I logged any tadoku pages (though I did read – it’s hard to log kindle pages) and I was half-hearted about the rest of the challenges too.
  • I said a while ago that I was trying to spend 100 days intensively studying Spanish, but that has really not panned out either. Oops.
  • I did try to use German quite intensively – and still do – but there are some problems I’m having that I’m going to address another time. However, I have been using it more than I used to, so I am still kind of proud of my progress.

February has been a little better, but not much.

Still, the one thing to remember always is that any work is better than no work at all. Yes, try and be consistent. Yes, try and spend time on your hobbies (whatever they may be) when you can. But literally anything is better than nothing. Nothing is just that.

I’m coming to accept that now, which is nice. I’m also beginning to flex my conversational muscles a little again (in German here in Austria and in Chinese with some friends online), which is helping me to rebuild some sorely needed enthusiasm.

I’m also still trying to power through with Spanish – I’ve been using a Teach Yourself Complete Spanish book (that I picked up really cheap) and I am enjoying that. I might also be learning a little Slovak on the side. 😉 I just couldn’t resist!

I’ve also spent some time thinking about what I might blog about for the April A to Z Challenge (which I have signed up to take part in) aaaaaaaaand I have an idea for a weekly feature I’m going to start here later this week.

It has something to do with books.

Anyway, how are you doing? Getting on with your languages? Don’t forget that the six week challenge is running through February and the first couple of weeks of March – so we’re only halfway through; there’s still time to join in. I’m in about 43rd place, I think.

I hope everyone’s enjoying February – and looking forward to spring! 😀


Happy Lunar New Year, everyone!

This year is the year of the sheep (羊 – yáng) – which is my birth year; 我属羊 – and google are celebrating with this super cute doodle today:

I’m not really doing anything to celebrate today (honestly, I kind of forgot) – but are you? Planning to 放鞭炮 or maybe eat some 饺子? Have you got some 春联 or 窗花? Or are you doing/have you already done something completely different?

Regardless of what you’re doing (or not), I hope you’re all having a fun time! 祝你万事如意!

大吉 – da4ji2 – very lucky; highly auspicious
属 – shu3 – to be born in the year of 
放鞭炮 – fang4 bian1pao4 – to set off fire crackers
饺子 – jiao3zi – dumplings
春联 – chun1lian2 – Spring Festival Couplets 
窗花 – chuang1hua1 – paper-cut for window decoration
祝你万事如意 – zhu4ni3 wan4 shi4 ru2yi4 – I hope all your wishes come true