Die Bestimmung: Kapitel 31-33

If you’re not sure what’s going on in this post, read the introduction here. If you want the vocabulary I’ve collected from the book, you can go through it on memrise here. Otherwise, enjoy! (Obviously, there are also spoilers for the book ahead – so don’t read it if you don’t want to know what’s happening.)

Wir sind fast am Ende! Ich habe heute einen Eintrag gepostet, der um meine Thema für nächstes Monat geht, aber ich möchte dieses wieder im Mai machen (vielleicht aber ein bisschen langsamer) – also welcher Buch sollte ich dann lesen?

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A to Z Challenge: Theme Reveal!

I first heard about the A to Z Challenge last year and though I thought it sounded really cool, it was too late for me to really take part, what with my exams beginning at the end of April. The premise is simple enough that I had my own sort of trial run in August: every day of the month, with the exception of Sundays, you post and the theme/title of each post has to begin with a letter of the alphabet, going in alphabetic order.

In my trial run, I talked about endangered languages (having just come off the back of uni and my disseration, so it felt like the right time), but I’ve had a different idea this time.

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