6WC: November 2015

Hey, guys! So first things first, Happy Halloween! I hope you’re all doing something fun today – even if you’re not interested in Halloween at all.

Obviously, it being Halloween means that tomorrow is the 1st November, which means we’re moving ever closer to the end of 2015. I was thinking a while ago that November is kind of a ‘meh’ month – the weather gets worse, there are no major holidays (for me, anyway) and generally it’s just a long wait until Christmas and New Year.

But then I realised that I have two cool things going on this month. One of them is NaNoWriMo, which has absolutely nothing to do with this blog but I figure most of you will have heard of it. The other is another 6 Week Challenge – the final one of the year!

6WC November 2015

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Review: The Art of Language Invention by David J. Peterson

Hi guys! Okay, so, I got really excited a couple of months ago when I saw this book, The Art of Language Invention was coming out. There’s a couple of reasons for that – first of all, it’s written by David J. Peterson, who created the languages used on Game of Thrones, so that’s super cool; but also, I’m really interested in constructed languages that are used this way. I think Esperanto is pretty awesome, but I’m just as interested in how Tolkien created all of the languages for Middle Earth – and now, how Peterson has done that time and time again for TV.

I wrote up a brief review of this book on Goodreads earlier today, but I’d like to go into it a little more in-depth here, because while dealing mainly with constructed languages, there is also a lot to be learnt about languages in general from it. So… let’s go!

The Art of Language Invention

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GCSE German #007: Culture – Nationalfeiertage

Hi there! Yet another Monday is upon us and we’re well into autumn now, right? The clocks went back this weekend (in Europe anyway) so as I write this it’s already dark outside, boo.

Still, going into autumn means that winter’s coming up soon and although that heralds cold weather, it also means there’s going to be lots of holidays just around the corner! Austria, at least, are big fans of the public holiday, with many of them being religious holidays and dates, but there are a few that are in there because of their national significance, like today, for instance.

You don’t know what’s happening today? Don’t worry, you’ll find out more below. 🙂

GCSE German 007

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How I Keep a Language Notebook

Hi guys! So back in August I read this awesome post from Kerstin over on Fluent Language titled The Miraculous Benefits of Keeping a Language Notebook. I highly recommend you go there and have a quick read if you haven’t already.

You’re back? Good. So after I read this post, it made me think about the way in which I keep a language notebook. I’ve always kept paper notes when I study, but since February I’ve been using specific notebooks for all of my language learning, which is somewhat different to how I’ve done it in the past. When I first started this, I googled a lot of variants of the phrase ‘how to keep a language notebook’ but there’s really not a lot out there about it, and while I know that you should do whatever method works best for you, I wasn’t really sure where to start. (I do sometimes like a clear path.) So, I thought that I’d share my language notebook(s) and my process of finding one and setting it up with you today – and hopefully it’ll give you a few ideas about keeping your own! (I hope you’re all settled in for a fairly long post from here on out…)

How I Keep a Language Notebook

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GCSE German #006: Topics – Free Time (Freizeit)

Hello everyone! Yet another Monday is upon us, so it’s time for a little more German practice. We’re focussing on a specific topic again this week, namely free time. So let’s dive right in, shall we?

GCSE German 006

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