6WC November 2015: Progress Report #007

Hi guys! Well, we’re past the halfway point of this challenge now and although I’ve been busy, I think I’ve gained a little bit of momentum again the last few days. Let’s see if that lasts…

6WC November PR 007

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GCSE German #011: Topics – School (Schule)

Hi guys! I’m back again, and it’s time for another post to help you through that GCSE in German.

This week we’re looking at another topic, this time school. School, as a topic, is going to be one of the most useful you’ll learn – at least for the next few years. After all, it’s probably where you spend most of your time, right? So with this one, don’t worry about running out of things to talk about or write about because that’s not that likely to happen. 😉

GCSE German 011

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6WC November 2015: Halfway Progress Report

Hi guys! Today’s 6WC post is a little different – because we’ve just passed the halfway point of the challenge! There are 27 people who have logged time via the twitterbot, though there may be more who are participating a little more unofficially, so if you’re reading this and you’re taking part in whatever sense, then congratulations on making it this far.

So I’m going to do a brief recap of the last few days (as usual) and then talk about the first three weeks of the challenge as a whole – and what I plan on doing for the next three weeks.

6WC November PR Halfway

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Kind 44 #003 | Die Suche nach einem Spion

Hallo Leute! Wie geht’s?

Ich habe mehr von Kind 44 gelesen – ein Teil findet am 14. Februar in Dorf Kimow statt, das andere Teil in Moskau (wieder am selben Tag). Wie immer werden Spoiler folgen.

German Readalong 2

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6WC November 2015: Progress Report #006

Hey guys! How are things going? Well, I hope.

For me, things are going well in a general sense – I can’t complain, certainly. In a language challenge sense… I’ve finally hit the slump. Maybe not as badly as in past challenges, but I can feel it there. Let me tell you about what I’ve been up to the past few days.

6WC November PR 006

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