GCSE German #008: Topics – Holidays (Urlaub)

Hi guys! Monday’s back (it’s yet another holiday for me here) and this week we’re moving back to the topics that will come up on your GCSE exam. It’s a fun one, too, this week – you get to learn and talk about your holidays!

GCSE German Topics Holidays (Urlaub)

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Clear the List: November 2015

Well hey! Am I the only one who feels like the end of this year is just racing by? No? Okay. Anyway, it’s November already so I guess it’s time to start getting ready for Christmas (I’m mostly kidding) and do all that fun beginning of the month stuff – like this blog post. 😉

Clear the List Nov 2015

October has been another busy, busy month (which is why I think it seemed to speed past) but I think I’m all settled into Vienna again and getting used to my school schedule, though those early starts are still a killer. I’m feeling really optimistic about November, but I am going to try and keep some manageable goals – and hopefully not too many of them.

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