GCSE German #010: Topics – Environment (Umwelt)

Hi guys! It’s time for another GCSE German post – and I hope some of you are finding these useful. You don’t have to be a GCSE student to use these posts by the way; they’re aimed for anyone at an A1/A2 level in German, so they might be helpful even if you’re not doing the exam.

Our topic today is the environment which, though it can be boring, does happen to come up a lot. So let’s see if I can help you get through it!

GCSE German 010

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6WC November 2015: Progress Report #005

Hi guys! Happy Monday! I hope this week has started out well for you all.

Yet again, it’s time for a progress report about the 6WC – we’re onto number five and we’re now over two weeks in, so how far have I managed to get?

6WC November PR 005

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