It’s Time to Kickstart Your Language Learning

Hey guys! Can you believe it’s almost May already? I thought the earlier months were going by quick, but April seems to have vanished, which means it’s now less than six weeks until I leave Austria, boo!

Still, there are some fun things to look forward to: including all the language challenges that are starting tomorrow! Now, I did say the other day that sometimes challenges stress me out, but one of these is my favourite and it’s long-term, so it’s pretty low-key. Plus, by May the first rush of the new year is over and everyone’s starting to give up on their resolutions – so I think a challenge can be a nice boost to keep you motivated.

So without further ado, here are the challenges beginning in May 2016!

It's Time to Kickstart Your Language Learning | 学习Sprachen

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Hi guys! As promised, I’m carrying on with the A to Z Challenge and I’m now at the letter L, so today we’re going to learn about the language Lengilu.

Lengilu | A-Z of Endangered Languages | 学习Sprachen

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New Year’s Challenge: Progress Report #008

Hey guys! Well, I’m back again to update on my Japanese language learning progress – and it’s been going okay this week. I had a couple of big distractions, in the form of my relatives coming to visit for a few days (which, obviously, was great) and I’ve spent some time over the last week trying to organise things for university in September (good news: I now have housing and a preliminary reading list!), but all in all I’m happy with where I am. That’s really what I want to talk about this week.

New Year's Challenge Progress Report #008 | 学习Sprachen

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Hi guys! I’ve been a little lax again, I know, but hey, it’s the keeping going that counts, right?


Anyway, it’s time for us to move onto the letter K and the language Karelian. I actually hadn’t heard of Karelian before I started doing the challenge (I hadn’t heard of most of these languages, but hey ho) – it was suggested to me on Twitter by Serpent (@serpent849), so thank her for what you’re about to learn I guess! (And follow her if you’re interested in a good chat about languages; she’s learnt more than a few.)

Karelian | A to Z of Endangered Languages | 学习Sprachen

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Hi guys! Time to catch up… and today’s endangered language, beginning with J, is Jiongnai.

Jiongnai | A-Z of Endangered Languages | 学习Sprachen

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