#365daysoflanglearning – Day 23

Hi, guys! Happy Monday! 😉

Now, today’s prompt makes use of another social network; namely, Pinterest. If you’ve never used Pinterest before, it’s pretty straightforward: it’s a place where you can have virtual pinboards and collect together images and ideas that you like.

Although it is a social network, it’s not really like Twitter or Facebook; you’ll pin things other people have pinned, but, on my part at least, I never really end up interacting with anyone on there–and there’s no pressure to do so. So if you don’t like other social networks because of that, then it’s not really a problem.

Today’s task, then: Using Pinterest, find some grammar pins related to your language.

As an example, here’s a pin I found when I searched for “German grammar.”

Level I: Find three pins.

Level II: Find five pins.

Level III: Find seven pins.

If you find any good ones, share them in the comments–along with your username, if you want to show us what else you’ve collected.

Here’s your pic, if you want to share that:

#365daysoflanglearning - Day 23

See you tomorrow!


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