#365daysoflanglearning – Day 27

Hi, guys!

Today’s prompt is related to what we did yesterday–so if you missed out on that, go back and take a quick look.

So, assuming you did the reading, here’s your prompt: Write a short summary about what you read yesterday.

(If you didn’t read anything yesterday, have a quick read today.)

Now, I think usual rules are that a summary should be about a third of the length of the original text, but yours may well end up being shorter (or longer) depending on the length of what you read.

Level I: Write a sentence.

Level II: Write a paragraph.

Level III: Write a page.

Note that this is one of the few times where you’ll probably have to pick the same level on both days; it’s going to be difficult to write a page-long summary if you read a paragraph! 😉

If you feel like it, too, you can always post your summary online for correction–this is one of the easiest ways to begin and practise writing in your new language because the pressure to create new ideas is off.

Here’s your pic:

#365daysoflanglearning - Day 27

See you tomorrow!

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