#365daysoflanglearning – Day 32

Hi, guys! Welcome to February! Are you all ready to get through a new (short) month of language learning? I know I am. I didn’t do as well as I’d have liked in January, but luckily the 6WC is on this month, so I’m hoping that’ll up my motivation.

Let me know what language you’re learning this month, too! Is it still the same as in January, or have you moved onto something different?

Anyway, on with the first task of our new month:

Write a description of the picture.

Huh? What picture?

This picture:

Interest - Timothy Neesam

© Timothy Neesam 2007

Level I: Write three sentences.

Level II: Write a paragraph.

Level III: Write a page.

Of course, you don’t have to stick to a description if you don’t want to; you can write a story, a poem, speculate about what they’re looking at…


Here’s a pic for you to share the task, too:

#365daysoflanglearning - Day 32

See you tomorrow!


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