#365daysoflanglearning – Day 33

Hi, guys!

So, hopefully a fun task for you today, though it depends how much you like the app I’m going to suggest. 😉

Spend some time on Duolingo.

I know some people don’t like Duolingo, but I do, mostly because it’s kind of fun and I can just open it and use it on my phone, which is handy for when I’m running about doing other things (aka all the time). If your language isn’t available on Duolingo yet, then see if you can find another app, or try Memrise. (I recommend Chinese Skill if you’re learning Mandarin.)

Level I: Spend five minutes on it.

Level II: Spend fifteen minutes on it.

Level III: Spend thirty minutes on it.

Don’t forget to log your time for the 6WC if you’re taking part!

Here’s your picture if you want to share the task around:

#365daysoflanglearning - Day 33

See you tomorrow!

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