#365daysoflanglearning – Day 42

Hi, guys!

Again, this is going up a little late on the day–sorry about that! I’m going to do some bulk-preparing tomorrow, so everything should be back to normal next week (and I’ll be thinking up prompts for March, too!).

Anyway, today’s prompt is: Listen to an audio lesson.

So as examples of things you could use: you can try Assimil or Pimsleur, maybe a podcast lesson (like something from Cafe Lingua), or even look around on Spotify or YouTube (yes, they’re videos, but for our purposes, they’ll count). See how you find it. I don’t always like audio lessons as much–I like to have visuals–but every so often, it’s nice to change things up.

As ever, here’s the picture if you want to share the prompt:

#365daysoflanglearning - Day 42

See you tomorrow!

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