German Readalong, Take Three: A Song of Ice and Fire

German Readalong Introduction - Die Herren von Winterfell

Hi, all! So some of you may remember that a long, long time ago, I did a readalong of Die Bestimmung (Divergent, Veronica Roth) in German, where I wrote up my thoughts, made word lists, and generally went through the book in a way that was interesting to me, helped me practise the language, and hopefully provided some help for you all too.

This post is basically me saying: I want to do that again.

I did try again after that to do the same thing with Kind 44 (Child 44, Tom Rob Smith) but I found the book a little more difficult to keep up with as I had not previously read it and I burned out pretty quickly. I also toyed with the idea of doing this with Harry Potter, a staple of language learners everywhere, but although I still do love the books, I’m spending some time away from the series for a while.

However, the newest series of Game of Thrones got me thinking about those books instead. They’re more difficult than the other books I’ve looked at for doing this before, but they’re interesting, and though I have read them in English, it was all one summer about five years ago, so I’m about due a re-read.

So: my next readalong is going to be the A Song of Ice and Fire (Das Lied von Eis und Feuer) books by George R. R. Martin. I’m going to only publicly commit to the first book—Die Herren von Winterfell—for now, in case this all becomes too much, but there are so far ten books in German, so this would really be a lot to cover.

If you’re feeling daunted about reading these books along with me, don’t worry too much! Like I did with Die Bestimmung, I’m going to make and share word lists (potentially: anki, quizlet and memrise (or decks, I guess)), and if there are any tricky things I had to work out, I’ll share those with you all too. Since the chapters are quite short, I’m hoping to post about one every weekday, starting this Monday 6th May. I’m also hoping to find other fun things you can use to test your German, like quizzes and things, but we’ll see what comes up along the way.

Obviously, there are going to be spoilers, but I’ll make sure to put a spoiler warning at the top of every post just to remind you all.


Drop a comment if you’re interested in reading along—or even if you’re just interested in seeing the blog posts; and apologies in advance if my written German is awful… it’s been a while!

See you all on Monday, then, and

Valar morghulis.

Valar Morghulis - from giphy

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