Super Challenge: May 2016

Hey, guys! So, we’re into June, everything’s great – and can you believe that the first month of the Super Challenge is over already? Now, what I’m planning to do each month is write a short post detailing what I did and whether I’ve noticed any progress.

[Quick note: if you don’t know what the Super Challenge is, then go here first! 🙂 ]

Super Challenge: May 2016 | 学习Sprachen

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猴年大吉!新年快乐!Happy Lunar New Year!

Hey guys, how are you all? I’m feeling like I need a holiday after my holiday, but that’s probably just some laziness talking. 😉

Now, as many of you may know, today (8th February) is the Lunar New Year – an occasion that I have unfortunately never managed to celebrate in China, or another country where it is very significant, but hopefully I will one day. Until that happens, however, you get to enjoy my posts here. 😛

Last year was the year of the sheep (羊, my zodiac animal) and the year before that was the year of the horse (马) – but this year, it’s the year of the monkey! (And as usual, Google have provided a doodle to celebrate.)

猴年大吉!新年快乐!| 学习Sprachen(image source)

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Happy Lunar New Year, everyone!

This year is the year of the sheep (羊 – yáng) – which is my birth year; 我属羊 – and google are celebrating with this super cute doodle today:

I’m not really doing anything to celebrate today (honestly, I kind of forgot) – but are you? Planning to 放鞭炮 or maybe eat some 饺子? Have you got some 春联 or 窗花? Or are you doing/have you already done something completely different?

Regardless of what you’re doing (or not), I hope you’re all having a fun time! 祝你万事如意!

大吉 – da4ji2 – very lucky; highly auspicious
属 – shu3 – to be born in the year of 
放鞭炮 – fang4 bian1pao4 – to set off fire crackers
饺子 – jiao3zi – dumplings
春联 – chun1lian2 – Spring Festival Couplets 
窗花 – chuang1hua1 – paper-cut for window decoration
祝你万事如意 – zhu4ni3 wan4 shi4 ru2yi4 – I hope all your wishes come true

Various – 北京欢迎你

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吳建豪 (feat. Ryan Tedder) – Is This All

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