German Readalong, Take Three: A Song of Ice and Fire

German Readalong Introduction - Die Herren von Winterfell

Hi, all! So some of you may remember that a long, long time ago, I did a readalong of Die Bestimmung (Divergent, Veronica Roth) in German, where I wrote up my thoughts, made word lists, and generally went through the book in a way that was interesting to me, helped me practise the language, and hopefully provided some help for you all too.

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Weekly Language Learning Goals: Week Four – Readathon Time!

Weekly Language Learning Goals - Week Four: Readathon Time!

Okay, I’m back today for another fun goals post—don’t worry, the blog is going to have a little more about it come February.

I’m going to do a quick look at last week’s goals (and whether I achieved them), then the goals for this week and something a little extra I’m doing this weekend!

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Kind 44 #003 | Die Suche nach einem Spion

Hallo Leute! Wie geht’s?

Ich habe mehr von Kind 44 gelesen – ein Teil findet am 14. Februar in Dorf Kimow statt, das andere Teil in Moskau (wieder am selben Tag). Wie immer werden Spoiler folgen.

German Readalong 2

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Kind 44 #002 | Es gibt keine Kriminalität. Ach, wirklich?

Hallo Leute! Ich bin zurück (ein bisschen spät, aber…) und jetzt lass uns über Kind 44 wiedersprechen.

Diese Woche habe ich das Teil Zwanzig Jahre danach – Moskau gelesen; die Ereignisse finden von 11. Februar 1953 bis 14. Februar statt. Wie immer, es gibt einen Memrise-Kurs hier und Spoiler werden natürlich folgen.

German Readalong 2

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Kind 44 #001 | Die arme Katze!

Hey guys! Alright, so if you’ve been around the blog you might have noticed I posted that I was going to read Kind 44 (Child 44) back in July… and then I really didn’t post much all summer, much less keep up with that. But, no matter, I’m here now and I’m ready to get started on this thing! 🙂

The basic premise is: I read a chapter or part of a book in German at a time and then I post about it. There will be spoilers, in case you were wondering. The post will also be in German, in case you were wondering about that too – so, sorry if you don’t speak it; but it’s a chance for me to practise! (I would say use Google Translate, but I am not responsible for anything if you do…) If you do speak German, then feel free to read along with me and leave comments – and I’m creating a memrise course with vocabulary lists as I go, so that’s there if you need it.

Well, off we go, I guess!

German Readalong 2

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