Monday Motivation: Test Your Language Level

So I was over on tumblr (side note: I have a language tumblr that gets updated way more often than this blog!) and someone posted a link to this website, where you can test your language level.

You can only test for English, Spanish, French or German. I did German and got C1 – but there have been natives saying they only got B2, so take the results with a pinch of salt, because it’s very much dependent on the questions you get too.

This site has motivated me mostly because although the results aren’t terribly accurate, I figure my level should be around C1 now anyway, so that’s nice to see. Plus, for the Super Challenge so far (and in most of my German reading so far) I’ve been reading translated versions of native English works; so I’ve decided that after I finish reading The Hunger Games trilogy, I’m going to find a book that was originally written in German to read. It’s not going to be anything too strenuous, probably something from Cornelia Funke, but it’ll be nice to give it a go.

Anyone else feeling motivated at the beginning of this new week? Let me know! 🙂

Staying Current: Watching the News in your Target Language

In terms of language learning, the skill I always have the most trouble with is listening. It’s always been a problem – and most of that problem comes from the fact that I just don’t practice it enough.

One of the best solutions I’ve found, especially if you’re at about an intermediate level in whichever language you’re learning, is to watch the news in your TL.

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Resources for Learning Spanish

So this post was totally supposed to be up on Wednesday, but then I had things due in at uni and I completely forgot about it! I only remembered today, oops!

Still, it’s a short one. Because I’ve chosen Spanish as my target language for the 6 Week Challenge, I’m just going to share with you all some of the resources I’ve been using. Hopefully you’ll find them as useful as I do!

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How I Use Films (and TV!) to Learn Languages

This post is inspired by a lot of things; mostly, by my love of films and TV shows, but also a lot by this post (which I’ve had bookmarked forever) from The Everyday Language Learner. Obviously, I’m always looking for fun ways to keep myself motivated – whilst still learning effectively. I do think films are a good way to do this and what’s great is, it doesn’t really matter what level you’re at! Continue reading “How I Use Films (and TV!) to Learn Languages”

Reading in Your Target Language: What Should You Pick?

With January being one of the months the Tadoku challenge is running, I’ve been talking an awful lot lately about reading (and haven’t been doing so much of it, myself). One of the most important questions, especially if you’re just starting out on this extensive reading thing for the first time, is what, exactly, should you start with?

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