20 Endangered Languages in 2020: 1. Scottish Gaelic

Twenty Endangered Languages in 2020 - 1. Scottish Gaelic

Scottish Gaelic is the first of the twenty endangered languages I’ll be spending time learning this year. It’s also going to be one I keep learning all year, so I’m excited to get my teeth into it!

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Why I’m Setting Weekly Goals For Language Learning (& my goals for the second week of 2019)

Hi, all! First things first, Happy New Year! I hope you’re all feeling fresh and excited and ready to tackle the next twelve months.

I am—I didn’t really have a chance to work out any New Year’s goals in December so instead I’ve spent the last week thinking about what it is I want to achieve this year.

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#365daysoflanglearning – Day 24

Hi, guys!

The focus for today is speaking, but I want you to try something a little different.

Sing along to a song you’ve listened to this month.

You don’t have to record it (although you can if you’d like); just play the song and sing along! If you don’t know the words, you can find a lyrics video on YouTube, or just look up the lyrics online.


And if you want an example of how to proceed, then look no further than Kerstin’s (from Fluent Language) Instagram from earlier this month:


Here’s your pic:

#365daysoflanglearning - Day 24

See you tomorrow!

Language Tag

Hi, guys! So a couple of days ago, Riccardo over at Kaito Monogatari tagged me in this ‘language tag’ post – where you basically answer a few questions about your language learning journey. It looks really fun and since it’s Sunday and I have some time, I thought I’d give it a go! 😀

Language Tag | 学习Sprachen

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