English Lessons

Learning English? Why not learn it with me?

If you’ve spent any time on my blog, you’ll know that I am passionate about languages, including my native one, English. That’s part of the reason why I have been teaching English in Austria for the last two years, which has been a fantastic experience. I have had the chance to help students discover the language that I speak and the culture that I come from in a (I hope!) fun and interesting way.

Now, I’d like to offer to do the same for you! Whatever your reasons for learning English – be it for work, university, school, or just for fun – then I’m here to help. Feel free to contact me (xuexisprachen@gmail.com) if you are interested!

Adult Learners

  • Lessons to suit your needs – be that business, family, travel… or anything else you can think of!
  • Flexible lesson times mean that I can work around your schedule.

University Students

  • Together, we can develop and improve your English, whether you need it academically or not.
  • Worried about an upcoming exam? Don’t worry, we can prepare together!
  • Are you writing an application or a big assignment in English? I can also assist with editing and proofreading. Contact me to find out more about this.

School Students

  • The lessons I provide can be tailored to help you or your children/teenagers improve on the things they need to learn for school.
  • Struggling with exams? Don’t panic! We can work on this and build a plan that will target your exam and help you make progress.
  • Lessons will be designed to suit your interests – English can be a lot of fun!

Does that sound good to you? 


  • Initial taster (20 minutes) – £7. We will use this time to assess your level of English, to talk about your needs and to set up a study plan that will help you to make progress and keep you interested.
  • 1 Lesson (50 minutes) – £20. Take a look below at the structure of some private tutoring sessions (for school students) I’ve already run. We can, of course, adapt this to look however you’d like.

Session #1 (12-year-old student who has been learning English for two years.)

00:00-00:05 – Greeting, warm-up. Discussion of what she has learnt this week; she has a test soon so we discussed what topics will be on it and I took notes to prepare for next week.

00:05-00:20 – Homework. She does her homework alone, but knows that she has me there to assist her if there is something she doesn’t understand. This week, she wasn’t sure what the task required of her and so we looked through the book together to make sense of it.

00:20-00:40 – Activities I prepared. We did grammar related to what she’s learnt in school because the test is coming up. She had exercises to do and used the forms to make her own sentences. I also gave her a story-writing exercise for the next week, so we discussed what she might write.

00:40-00:45 – Corrections and discussion about a piece of writing she did last week. She enjoys writing stories so we usually do those. Her mistakes were pointed out and recorded so that she knows what they are and so that I know if they come up again, we really need to work on them.

00:45-00:50 –  Discussion. We talked again about her upcoming test and how she feels about English; we also talked about what she planned to do over a long weekend that was coming up.

Session #2 (18-year-old student who has been learning English for eight years and is approaching her final exams. Double session.)

0:00:00-0:00:05 – Greeting, warm-up. We discussed when her exam would be and which other exams she had, which she was worried about, etc.

0:00:05-0:00:15 – Discussion about a text she wrote. She was very concerned about the texts she has to write for the exam, so she had given me one for correction. We went over these corrections and discussed the changes.

0:00:15-0:00:40 – Activities I had prepared. I had brought worksheets related to the mistakes she kept making and we went through these. We also did some text-correction activities, as this could be a component of her exam and would also help her to spot her mistakes more easily. We did probably four worksheets in this time.

0:00:40-1:00:00 – Activities that she had. She has a workbook that has a variety of activities of the type that will be on her exam; some she had done and wanted to understand why an answer was right or wrong and then we went through a few more together.

1:00:00-1:10:00 – Discussion. We talked about different aspects of her exam – text types, exam tips for certain activities – and about how she could improve on her current weaknesses.


  • October 2014 – Present: Language Assistant in Lower Austria, Austria (Fremdsprachenassistentin in Niederösterreich) and private tutoring.
  • May 2015 – December 2015: Online private tutoring through a company (students ranging from 8-40 years old).
  • February 2013 – June 2013: Private tutoring in Beijing, China.


  • June 2014: BA (Hons) in German and Mandarin from Nottingham Trent University. (1:1)
  • July 2010: Four A-Levels, including English Language (A).
  • July 2008: GCSEs, including English Language (A*).


So, if you are interested in taking English lessons with me, then feel free to email me at xuexisprachen@gmail.com. I try to answer all emails within 24 hours (though it’s usually much quicker than that!).

Good luck with your English studies!