So, I have to confess…

Right, so I’ve just spent the past three days in Munich – which was fun for so many reasons – and I’ve been using my German, we went sightseeing, etc., but then on the four-hour train ride back to Vienna I started reading Fluent in 3 Months by Benny Lewis.

I know there are lots of divided opinions in the language-learning community about Benny’s approach and how he presents it; and I do want to point out, quickly, that that is not really the point of my post here. I do want to review the book at another time (probably in the first week of February, when I’ve had some time to digest it) but right now, I’m not thinking about that.

What I like about Benny is that – in spite of opinions about all of that – he gets me incredibly enthusiastic about learning languages. I can see the flaws in his methods, but his enthusiasm is infectious and if I feel a dip in my motivation, sometimes reading his posts picks me up again.

So, the book got me thinking about what I’m doing right now. And I thought about it – and I thought about a conversation I’d had with one of the teachers I work with at school on Thursday – and I realised something.

I don’t know why I’m learning German, and – worst of all – I am not using my time here in any way effectively.

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