Review: New Flashsticks App

Hi guys! As you may have seen from some of my 6WC progress reports, I’ve been playing around (a lot!) with the new FlashSticks app – and it’s kind of awesome.

So here are my thoughts on it – and, why I’ve been using it so much!

Review FlashSticks App

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#FlashSticksFriday – Review

My first ever review, yay!

So at the beginning of January, someone from the company FlashSticks contacted me and asked me what I knew about their product and said they’d seen my blog and would I be interested in writing a review for them? I said that I had briefly seen something about them on Pinterest and that yes I would – and here is that review for you now.

What I said I would do for them was both a video and text review (because I’ve never done a video before, so I thought it might be a plan to have some video to back it up) – and so here is that video, for all your viewing pleasure:

If you are not so interested in watching me ramble for 12 minutes with some seriously dodgy looking cuts (literally never made a video before; it is harder than it looks!), then the text review continues below…

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