Hi guys! Right, I missed a couple of days of the A to Z Challenge last week – oops! – but that doesn’t mean I’m out for the count! What it does mean is that I’m going to (obviously) post tomorrow and, if I have time, I’m hoping to get both my G and H posts up in one day so that I’m all caught up for Monday. The problem is (I say problem, but…) I’m running a half-marathon tomorrow so it’s much more likely I’ll get one post up and catch up some time next week.

Regardless, today’s post is F and the language we’re taking a quick look at is Francoprovençal!

Francoprovençal | A-Z of Endangered Languages | 学习Sprachen

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Hi guys! Happy April! Have any of you been fooled today?

So as you may know, April is the month of the A to Z Challenge; a challenge wherein participants attempt to write 26 blog posts throughout the month, each corresponding to a specific letter of the alphabet. Due to the number of posts required, it’s a good idea to pick a theme and mine for 2016 is endangered languages. That means if you’re visiting or following my blog, you get to learn about 26 endangered languages this month.

If you want to find any of these posts throughout the month, then click on the A to Z of endangered languages link in the menu; this will take you to all the posts from 2016 and the ones I previously wrote, in 2014.

But anyway, let’s begin with our first language, and A is for Alguerès.

A to Z of Endangered Languages - A - Alguerès | 学习Sprachen

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So today we have the letter L in my A to Z of Endangered Languages series… which in this case, stands for Ladin.


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