Review: The Art of Language Invention by David J. Peterson

Hi guys! Okay, so, I got really excited a couple of months ago when I saw this book, The Art of Language Invention was coming out. There’s a couple of reasons for that – first of all, it’s written by David J. Peterson, who created the languages used on Game of Thrones, so that’s super cool; but also, I’m really interested in constructed languages that are used this way. I think Esperanto is pretty awesome, but I’m just as interested in how Tolkien created all of the languages for Middle Earth – and now, how Peterson has done that time and time again for TV.

I wrote up a brief review of this book on Goodreads earlier today, but I’d like to go into it a little more in-depth here, because while dealing mainly with constructed languages, there is also a lot to be learnt about languages in general from it. So… let’s go!

The Art of Language Invention

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Ainu: アイヌ イタク/Aynu itak

First post of my A-Z of Endangered Languages challenge and for A, we have the Ainu language.


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