Clear The List: October 2015

Yet again, another month has passed by much more quickly than expected, but that’s okay, because we’re going into October! 😀 Yay!

Once again, I’m back to talk about the goals I set for myself last month – and I’m going to set some new ones for the month ahead.

Clear the List Oct 2015

October is one of my favourite months, not least because my birthday is in it – which was yesterday! So technically, this is a brand new year for me and I’m feeling excited about being productive and achieving more.

I also moved back to Vienna on the 21st September, so I’m more or less all settled back into my flat and job – so we’re good to go! Continue reading “Clear The List: October 2015”

Maximise Your Month: September 2015

It’s September already?! It seems like I’ve only just come back to the UK – and in a few short weeks, I’ll be off again.

Still, until then, let’s talk about some more goals, shall we?

Maximise Your Month September 15

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Maximise Your Month: August 2015

Well, July is over and apparently we’re well and truly into summer now (not that the weather here is proving it right now). Since we’re almost a week into August, I thought it might be a good idea to look back on my goals for last month and set some (perhaps more realistic) goals for this one!

Maximise Your Month August 15

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Maximise Your Month: July 2015

July Goals pic

So there’s a Maximise Your Month Linkup going on over at Lindsay Does Languages, and I thought, since my crazy June (finishing work, moving home, starting my new job, finding out about my next job, trying to see all the people I haven’t seen for five months…) is almost over, I should really be pulling myself together and getting motivated a little.

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