GCSE German #009: Topics – Home (Heimat)

Hey guys! Well, this post is going up a little later than I had expected this evening – being back on a normal schedule means that I have a not so much busy as awkwardly full Monday and, well, I should really start prepping these things the day before.

No matter, though. Let’s go!

GCSE German 009

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GCSE German #005: Topics – Relationships (Beziehungen)

Monday’s back! Anyone else had a long day? If you’ve been at school, I feel you. It’s been a long day, for me at least!

Onto the next post in this series – and we’re back to specific topics. Like I said before, I’m generally following the AQA spec, though most of these activities are quite different to what you’d find on your exam. Hopefully though they’ll expose you to the grammar again, and maybe even some more vocab!

GCSE German 005

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