Staying Current: Watching the News in your Target Language

In terms of language learning, the skill I always have the most trouble with is listening. It’s always been a problem – and most of that problem comes from the fact that I just don’t practice it enough.

One of the best solutions I’ve found, especially if you’re at about an intermediate level in whichever language you’re learning, is to watch the news in your TL.

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Media Monday: ZDF Interview with Obama

Media Monday is a feature I post every two weeks where I discuss an interesting word or phrase (or sentence or paragraph) from what I’ve been reading or watching.

So it’s still Tadoku time, even though I’ve slowed down somewhat, and I was looking for some information for an essay the other day when I ended up on the tagesschau website and read an article about the interview a ZDF journalist (Kleber) had with President Obama. Continue reading “Media Monday: ZDF Interview with Obama”