Weekly Language Learning Goals: Week Four – Readathon Time!

Weekly Language Learning Goals - Week Four: Readathon Time!

Okay, I’m back today for another fun goals post—don’t worry, the blog is going to have a little more about it come February.

I’m going to do a quick look at last week’s goals (and whether I achieved them), then the goals for this week and something a little extra I’m doing this weekend!

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My Experiences with the Tadoku Challenge

Hey guys! I’m almost exclusively talking about language challenges today – but then, I do love them.

I think I briefly mentioned that last month the Tadoku Challenge (Read More or Die) was running. If you don’t know, the point of this challenge is to read as much in your target language(s) (up to three) as possible, setting your own target to keep yourself on track.

I set myself a target of 150 pages as I had started a few days late and figured a kind of low target would be motivating. I didn’t hit that target; I think I ended on a little under 90 pages, which is nowhere near what I wanted – but still, I don’t think this challenge was a waste. Let me explain why…

Tadoku Challenge My Experiences

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