Weekly Language Learning Goals – Week Eight: Scaling Back

Weekly Language Learning Goals - Week Eight: Scaling Back

Hey everyone! So I’m currently at the end of a nice (well-deserved, if I do say so myself!) long week off work—and though I didn’t hit all of my goals this past week, I did manage some, as well as giving myself some time to relax.

Although I had a productive week and all, I still need to look into scaling those goals back a little more this week. I’m going back to work and there are lots of events coming up (birthdays, etc.) so I know I’m not going to have as much free time. I don’t want to put a lot of pressure on myself to get a million things done in each language, either, because that’s just going to not make it fun—and it being fun is kind of the point at this stage.

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Weekly Language Learning Goals: Week Seven – Back on Track!

Weekly Language Learning Goals: Week Seven - Back on Track!

Hi, all! It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve been back here, though I’ve been posting my goals still over on my log on the language learner’s forum. (I’ve been late with them there, too, sadly.) It’s been a busy time but I’ve now got about a week off work so I’m hoping to get back on top of everything.

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Super Challenge: May 2016

Hey, guys! So, we’re into June, everything’s great – and can you believe that the first month of the Super Challenge is over already? Now, what I’m planning to do each month is write a short post detailing what I did and whether I’ve noticed any progress.

[Quick note: if you don’t know what the Super Challenge is, then go here first! 🙂 ]

Super Challenge: May 2016 | 学习Sprachen

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It’s Time to Kickstart Your Language Learning

Hey guys! Can you believe it’s almost May already? I thought the earlier months were going by quick, but April seems to have vanished, which means it’s now less than six weeks until I leave Austria, boo!

Still, there are some fun things to look forward to: including all the language challenges that are starting tomorrow! Now, I did say the other day that sometimes challenges stress me out, but one of these is my favourite and it’s long-term, so it’s pretty low-key. Plus, by May the first rush of the new year is over and everyone’s starting to give up on their resolutions – so I think a challenge can be a nice boost to keep you motivated.

So without further ado, here are the challenges beginning in May 2016!

It's Time to Kickstart Your Language Learning | 学习Sprachen

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The Super Challenge has begun!

Okay, so it began a month ago. I may have dropped the ball a little.

Basically, the Super Challenge lasts from 1st May 2014 to 31st December 2015 and involves you reading 100 books and watching 100 films in your target language. There’s a slightly more detailed explanation here, with more links, including how to sign up for the twitterbot.

There are very few rules aside from that and, personally, I’m very excited about this. I didn’t make much headway into this challenge the last time I took part in it (I think time constraints, plus I was perhaps taking it too seriously) – but from what I’ve seen on the discussion thread on the HTLAL forum, there are plenty of people who noticed a drastic difference in their comprehension and fluency.

Of course, it’s a long haul kind of challenge – there’s still nineteen months left to go; but all that means is that we need some buddies to go along with. So let me know if you sign up – regardless of your language, it’s all still going to be interesting! 😀