Private Tutoring

Worried about those grades going into summer? Just want some help with your learning?

Even if you’ve not spent much time on my blog, what you need to know about me is that I’m passionate about languages and I’m passionate about education. I firmly believe that everyone should have a fair grasp of language – both a second language and their native tongue –  but it can be difficult to keep up with what is taught at school and very easy to let those hard-won skills slip over the summer.

That’s why I’m here to help – if you, or your son or daughter, are learning German, Mandarin, or English Language (at GCSE or A-Level or anything in between) and need some assistance, then get in touch! Even if you’re not learning for school; if you simply want to start learning or want to iron out what you know, I can help you there too! Feel free to contact me ( if you are interested.

(If you are interested in learning English as a Second/Foreign Language (ESL/EFL), please go here. I do help with that, too!)

School Students

  • The lessons I provide can be tailored to help you or your children/teenagers improve on what is needed to be learnt for school.
  • Struggling with exams? Don’t panic! We can work on this – whether you have to take your GCSEs or A-Levels soon, we can build a study plan and work together to get you through it.
  • Lessons will be designed to suit your interests – languages can and should be fun! 🙂

Casual Learners

  • Maybe you’ve decided to learn German or Mandarin and don’t know where to start? Maybe you have started but need help continuing? Maybe your school doesn’t offer the languages you want to learn? I will help anyone, of any age, learn German or Mandarin.
  • Lessons to suit your needs – be that business, family, travel… or anything else you can think of!
  • Flexible lessons times mean I can work around your schedule.

Does that sound good to you?


  • Initial taster (20 minutes) – £7. We will use this time to assess your level and areas to improve on, to talk about your needs, and to set up a study plan that will help you to make progress and keep you interested.
  • 1 Lesson (50 minutes) – £20. A fifty-minute session usually comprises of working on one or two key points with a variety of different activities (worksheets, discussion, games, etc.). Take a look here to find out about some sessions I have previously conducted with students learning English in Austria. We can, of course, adapt these sessions to look however you’d like.


  • October 2014 – Present: Language Assistant in Lower Austria, Austria (Fremdsprachenassistentin in Niederösterreich) and private tutoring.
  • May 2015 – December 2015: Online private tutoring through a company (students ranging from 8-40 years old).
  • February 2013 – June 2013: Private tutoring in Beijing, China.


  • June 2014: BA (Hons) in German and Mandarin from Nottingham Trent University. (1:1)
  • July 2010: Four A-Levels, including English Language (A).
  • July 2008: GCSEs, including English Language (A*).


So, if you are interested in taking lessons in German, Mandarin or English Language with me, then feel free to email me at I try to answer all emails within 24 hours (though it’s usually much quicker than that!).

Good luck with your studies!